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The publishing house

The publishing house in 1912

We are a traditional, family-owned company set in Mengede, which is a district in the city of Dortmund in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Our publishing house, the "Fachverlag Arnold GmbH" has been founded in 1911 by Ernst Arnold. Originally a printing business with an associated bookstore, the Arnold company started its publishing business in 1920 by producing a local newspaper called "Mengeder Zeitung". Due to World War II, the newspaper was banned in 1941, yet its publication was reauthorized in 1949. In the same year, its name changed to "Dortmunder Nord-West-Zeitung".

Broadening the portfolio

The company's portfolio was broadened by adding the magazine "ElektroWirtschaft" for the electrical wholesale business in 1948 and its second journal "Nahverkehrs-praxis" (roughly: public transport in practice) for public transport companies in 1952 under Helmut Arnold. When Gudrun Arnold-Schoenen adopted her father's legacy in 1991, she restructured the company, focusing on the trade magazines and adding the multimedia division to the business. Since its very start, the Arnold publishing house stood and still stands for joining traditional and modern values in quality products in the publishing industry.